Good ad and Bad ad


     This is not a billboard that promotes its company products, but I found it is interesting. And I like this billboard best among I found in San Jose town.

     These are just images of bolts, and actually, each of these bolts are turning little bit,  as if these are tightened. Maybe this billboard doesn’t promote the sale of its products,but it makes you think that Adobe must be a creative company regardless if you know about Adobe or not. Some of the audience could be interested in Adobe and check their products. I think this billboard doesn’t promote its products’ value but promote company’s value.


     This is a billboard of the famous musical. Yes, this billboard let me know the musical exists; however, I think that this musical is very famous so they don’t need billboards that just let you know about the musical. They need billboards that make people want to go to the musical. I think advertising that just carries a logo mark doesn’t make people think so and is boring.

     I live in the dormitory, so I looked for billboards in San Jose. But it was hard to find billboards because there were almost no billboards. Especially compared to my hometown Tokyo. Tokyo is like this.


Billboards are everywhere. I saw hundreds of billboard everyday. I’m used to this scene so I felt “Where are billboards!!” when I looked for billboards in San Jose.

     I said I saw hundreds of billboard everyday, but I’ve never decided to buy something by seeing billboard. Therefore I question the effectiveness of billboards. But some billboards made me think this company would be interesting, and those advertising were not necessarily about its company’s products.Therefore, I think they should make billboard that makes people think it’s interesting, not that trying to appeal how good its products are.


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