semiotic analysis


This is the printed advertisement of Japanese plastic wrap.

Signifiers in this advertisement are the water we can see through the wrap and the fish. These signifiers represent the idea that this wrap keeps food fresh. The image of water makes me think that the fish is alive and swimming in the water, which means this fish is fresh. The most important fact of wrap is how long it keeps food fresh. Therefore I could say that this image is very effective.


This is the advertisement of a Japanese air plane company.
At first glance, it seems like just a picture of peaceful baby sleeping. But actually, this picture is upside down. This upside down makes you think that the blue futon looks like sky, and the baby spreading his arms looks like an airplane. And the sleeping baby image indicates the idea that travelling is full of dreams.

This is the TV CM of a gym.
This BGM makes us focus on the after image. And gap of before and after is so huge, so that this CM makes huge impact. I think signifiers are an image of before and after and BGM. These indicate how this gym is effective and could makes you muscular. This CM got very popular in Japan recently. This BGM and image of before and after gave a huge impact on the audience.
However, on the other hand, some people hate this CM. They think that the BGM is annoying and the image of before and after is suspicious. But at least, this CM attracted much attention of public.


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