the changes we have seen in advertising since the eighties

The changes we have seen in advertising since the eighties

     Information technology has developed hugely so that recent process of advertisement creation involves many high technologies. For example Photoshop and CG technology. I think that because of these technologies, many advertising became depend on looking rather than creativity. Japanese advertising in 80’s were, maybe because Japan was in bubble economy back then, hadn’t put emphasis on how to attract customers but creativity and comicality. These advertising are not necessarily have to do with its products. They did’t explain its products directly. They relied on audiences’ imagination. However after 2000, those creativity banished from advertising. Companies can not afford to these type of advertising anymore because of depression and audiences want assurance that its products are good. Development of phycology also brought change to advertising. Recently, many advertising are designed based on phycology. Such as how to attract audience attention more effectively etc.

     I’ve never decided to buy something by seeing advertising. Therefore, I question the effectiveness of advertising. But some advertising made me think this company would be interesting, and those advertising were not necessarily about its company’s products. Therefore, I think they should make advertising that makes people think it’s interesting like in 80’s ones, not that trying to appeal and explain how good its products are.


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